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Charming Words

A Weekly Drabble Community

Charmed 100 - A Weekly Drabble Community
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This community was designed as a weekly drabble challenge community based on the television show Charmed.

A drabble is a 100 word piece of fiction. (If you go a little over 100, it's okay, but you can't cast a spell then.)

Each Sunday a new challenge will be posted. If you'd like to respond to the challenge, please do so in a new entry. If your drabble is exactly 100 words, you can cast a spell for one of the characters. Whichever character has the most spells cast for them in a week wins. (They don't win anything, it's just for fun!)

A note about spoilers: With the new season about to start - please be considerate of your fellow fans and lj-cut and mark any drabbles that contain spoilers for the most recent episode. If you post without a cut or a warning, it will be deleted by a moderator.

If you like writing Charmed fic, take a moment to check out these communities:
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If you are an icon maker in addition to being a fic writer, please check out charmedicontest

If you are looking for a fun, mature community to discuss all aspects of Charmed, check out charming_fans!

Also - please give as much feedback as you can. Writers LOVE feedback!

Your moderators here are ladybug218 and supernaturalhel.